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Birth Support

Standard Services

  • Prenatal visits: Sharing information, getting familiar with one another, answering questions, basic childbirth education, creating a birth plan, practice with positions, movements and stretches that may benefit your birth

  • Comforting techniques teach: partner(s) are taught useful comforting techniques to support the birthing person e.g. counter pressure, basic massage, when to touch and when to offer space

  • Labor support: on call care 2 weeks before and after your EDD, rest support through early labor, in person support active labor through postpartum, massage, encouragement, and informational support throughout

  • Postpartum care: two postpartum visits in home or in hospital, bodywork, meal support, newborn care etc. (see postpartum services to see all you can receive during these sessions)

  • Fajadas (abdominal binding): gentle abdominal and digestive massage to support healing, warming oil, heat therapy, binding with a medical grade band, optional faja support as well

  • 1 hour full body massage: in home massage tailored to your needs

  • Cesarean scar remediation massage: assessment of scar healing at 3 & 6 weeks, castor pack application, scar desensitization, scar mobilization, teaching you these techniques to continue self care, referrals to physical therapy if needed

  • Placenta services:  Information on ceremonial opportunities to honor the placenta e.g placenta art, burial, planting etc.

Additional Services

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