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My Mission


As your birth doula I aim to create a foundation of support for your family. I offer you the wisdom I have collected through my experience of serving over 100 families through birth and bringing baby home. We begin care in pregnancy and carry our relationship through your first weeks with baby. This continuity of care supports a long term and close bond that shows me who you are, what you value and what you need to recover and feel loved. I aim to create a long lasting community through this care, a place that you can return to with questions, concerns and growing families. I take great joy in being chosen to share these beautiful moments with you all. 

My Path

Bachelors of Arts

University of California Berkeley 2017


Birth Doula Certification Training

Janine Maitri CD (DONA) 2018

Childbirth Education for the Birth Professional 

Janine Maitri CD (DONA) 2018

DONA Postpartum Doula Certification Training

Trena Gallant CD (DONA) 2020

DONA Lactation Education Training

Ann Pollack, CLC, LCCE 2020


BRAVA Core & Pelvic Floor For Birthworkers

Sarah Knight PT, DPT &

Heather Christine Struwe PT, CD (DONA) 2020

BRAVA Certified Logo.jpg

Comforting Touch and Infant Massage with

Yiska Obadia 2020

Traditional Postpartum Belly Binding

Tema Mercado LM 2020

Cesarean Scar Remediation Massage

Pati Garcia CPM 2020

Supporting Survivors Who Birth

Eri Guajardo Johnson CD 2020

EBB Professional Member

Evidence Based Birth 2020

Placenta Encapsulation Training

Nicole Rivera CD(DONA) 2020

EBB member badge.jpg
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