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Postpartum Support

Standard Services

  • Emotional and physical support from childbirth: space to share your birth story and receive support throughout this transition

  • Assistance in newborn care: an extra set of hands to hold, burp, rock baby, answering common questions, information on common practices, safety information

  • Sleep support: time for you to rest knowing baby is well cared for by your doula, help understanding babies sleep needs, information on common sleeping practices e.g. co-sleeping, sleep training

  • Newborn bathing assistance: information about bathing baby and their hygiene needs, hands on support

  • Breastfeeding/bottlefeeding knowledge and support: evidence based information to support your feeding journey, information on common feeding practices, resources e.g. IBCLC certified lactation consultants, milk banks

  • Healthy meal preparation and planning: batch cooking, lactation goods, soups, broths, meals for other children, freezer stocking

  • Herbal baths and steams to promote perineal healing: hand grown herbs to offer perineal comfort and healing, herbalist knowledge to select personalized blends for your needs

  • House tidying: Laundry, dishes, organizing

  • Informational support and Evidence- Based resources: access to the most up to date and evidence based information available, community resources to support your every need e.g. chiropractors, physical therapists, licensed MFT's, craniosacral specialists etc.

Additional Services

  • Postpartum chef: personalized menus to support your well being, warming easily digestible foods made with organic produce from my garden, hand grown teas to support lactation and blood building

  • Fajadas (abdominal binding): gentle abdominal and digestive massage to support healing, warming oil, heat therapy, binding with a medical grade band, optional faja support as well

  • 1 hour full body massage: in home massage tailored to your needs

  • Cesarean scar remediation massage: assessment of scar healing at 3 & 6 weeks, castor pack application, scar desensitization, scar mobilization, teaching you these techniques to continue self care, referrals to physical therapy if needed

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