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Seeds Doula Services

I offer personalized care to help you rest and receive in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. How can I support your family?

 I will hold space for your birth, bring you a warm meal, hold your hand when things are hard and joyfully offer to rub your feet after a long day.

Birth Doula Support

Feel held and prepared as you birth. Evidence based birth education and planning. Hands on practice of comfort techniques for partner(s). Calm compassionate care while you birth. Continued care into postpartum to ease transition.

Postpartum Care Extension

Receive holistic in home care for your growing family. Informative newborn care that builds confidence. Gentle warming body care to help you relax. Sleep and nutrition support to keep you balanced and rested. Community resources to keep you connected.

Let's Get You Booked

Let's start planning your unique care today. How we can help you rest, receive and revitalize?